Red Hand Campaign

The Red Hand Campaign targets  50 countries that have yet to ratify a 2002 United Nations Protocol prohibiting the use of children as soldiers. The U.N. estimates there are 250,000 child soldiers today. The Red Hands advocate that children should NOT be used as soldiers.


The Protocol, ratified by 142 of 193 nations, establishes age 18 as the minimum age for compulsory recruitment and requires nations to do everything they can to prevent individuals under age 18 from taking a direct part in hostilities. Through the years, more than 300,000 Red Hands made by various groups have been sent to the U.N.
The Presbyterian Church has supported this campaign since 2008-9 and many Presbyterian Women groups have participated.  Rev. Mark Koenig, director of Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, notes that the country of Georgia that received previous Red Hands from Presbyterians "sent us a letter when they ratified the Protocol. I think that shows the campaign had an effect."


To learn more visit: Facebook:  Presbyterians Say No Child Soldiers