U.S.A. Mission Experience to South Dakota in 2010

Joy Temple Ray of Lancaster PA gave an educational and inspiring presentation on the issues facing our Native American sisters and brothers in Dakota Presbytery. Joy traveled to South Dakota as part of the PW U.S.A. Mission Experience in 2010.
A full report on the mission journey was featured in the March/April 2011 issue of Horizons Magazine
Joy shared how the Dakota's love of God and faith is leading them forward as they look to rebuild what was broken or lost. She showed us their hymnal (at right) and led us in singing one of their favorite hymns, Sweet Hour of Prayer (below)
Joy asked us to especially be in prayer for the teenagers and their lives on the reservations.
For information on contributing to the ongoing mission work in Dakota Presbytery, please contact Joy Temple Ray at jtray53@comcast.net