PW Synod Mission Project 2017 La Escuelita in Managua, Nicaragua.

La Escuelita is a kindergarten and elementary school in Managua, Nicaragua.  The purpose of the school is to provide instruction for extremely poor children.  With the new government the policy is free education for all children.  However, a child without money to buy school supplies and books is not able to really study.  For parents with no money this often means that children do not attend school.

The government estimates over 35% of children nationally are not in school.  In addition, many children have to work to supplement the family income or take care of the younger children or elderly grandparents while parents are at work. Since its beginning in 1996, La Escuelita has provided to over 2,500 students.

By the 2017 School Year, The Little School will have expanded to a second floor and will include the third grade.  The teacher's goal is to make this "The finest school in our neighborhood."

The Mission of La Escuelita

An educational opportunity for children who probably would not have otherwise attended school;

A place for education and social development for children, adolescents and adults and support for some of the poorest families;

A food program that is a significant part of the basic family support since this is often the one secure meal of the day in a population that suffers from malnutrition;

A much-needed follow-up support system for the children both through parent meetings and direct home visits.