Past Global Exchange Experiences

Brief History of the PW Global Experiences

Global experiences began as a program of United Presbyterian Women. When United Presbyterian Women and Women of the Church merged in 1988 to become Presbyterian Women, international experiences continued as the Global Exchange program. Previous destinations were:

  • 1973 Central Europe
  • 1974 India and Nepal, emphasis — hunger
  • 1977 Asian Encounter (Japan, Taiwan, Korea,Philippines)
  • 1980 Asian Rim
  • 1981 Las Americas Unidas (Central America)
  • 1984 South Africa, emphasis — apartheid
  • 1987 China
  • 1988 Presbyterian Women is formed. The Global Exchange concept and practice begins.
  • 1990 Australia, emphasis — indigenous people
  • 1993 Eastern Europe
  • 1996 Southeast Asia, emphasis — tourism and child prostitution
  • 1999 Middle East, emphasis — issue surrounding the welfare of women and children and understanding roles of Islam, Judaism and Christianity in the Middle Eastern world
  • 2002 Africa — Sisters Together: Listening With Our Hearts
  • 2005 Brazil — Caminhada: Walking Together in Mutual Love and Hope

The Presbyterian Women Global Exchange logo suggests

  • Latitudes, longitudes and points held in between
  • The compass rose
  • Movement from the inside to the outside, outside to inside
  • Colors of the earth, from desert to rainforest
  • A stamp in a passport
  • Not sitting comfortably, balanced on one spot