Churchwide Gathering 2018

Once every three years, Presbyterian Women from around the world gather for worship, education, mission study, community building and fun.

Our next Churchwide Gathering will be held August 2-5, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky.

And while those details are being worked out, follow along with Gathering emails (one a month!) with reflections, free downloads, fun ideas and more! (If you're not receiving PW emails, contact Patricia Longfellow to be added to the email list.)


Saving Challenge! 

Save a dollar a day for 30 months to put toward your Gathering expenses. Each email in the Gathering quest series will include a Churchwide Savings Calculator based on this calculation so you can see where you are or how much to save to “catch up”!

If you began saving after the first Gathering email sent on March 30, 2016, you should have at least $360 saved toward your Gathering expenses. Start saving now . . . and remind your loved ones that they can give you the gift of the Gathering!

Anniversary Challenge

2018 is also the year that PW celebrates its 30th anniversary. Each Gathering email includes a 30th Anniversary Challenge question about something in PW’s 30-year history. As this is the 13th Gathering Quest email, and 2000 is the 13th year of PW, the 2000 Churchwide Challenge question is:

Question: On what justice issue did PW take a public stand in 2000, when the CCT voted at the Churchwide business meeting to declare PW an antiracist organization?

Bonus Question: What Presbyterian woman was ordained in 2000 to become the first Middle Eastern American woman ordained in the Presbyterian church? 



Download an answer sheet that you can fill out and bring to the Gathering.